You can search electronic part and semiconductor inventory and request a quotation for parts even without registering as a user!

Revolutionizing distribution through a “supplier first” sales focused electronic part and semiconductor platform!



We are a real-time electronic component and semiconductor inventory search system.

Eliminate global shortages of electronic components and semiconductors, as well as surplus and slow-moving inventory!
Free and simple to register and use!


“To find buyers needed for suppliers to effectively utilize their inventory of electronic parts and semiconductors”

“Resolve the issues in the electronic part and semiconductor industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”

“We aim to establish profitable supply chains and optimize inventory”

Please watch our official video for a detailed explanation of the platform!
Support functions with a focus on supplier first sales!

Free registration

The platform is free to register and use; there are no costs involved. It's easy, so why not go ahead and sign up?

Simple functions

The screen and functions are designed with UI in mind. Only the necessary information is uploaded, so you can understand intuitively.

Real-time function

Inventory information is constantly updated, so you can search real-time inventory information and obtain quotation information. If your search does not return any inventory information, then we will respond to your request for quotation using our own network.

Inventory registration

Each registered supplier has been approved by our company and can upload only its own inventory. This ensures that inventory information is reliable and accurate. Suppliers can also register parts for electronic devices.

Inventory management function

Supplier users can easily register and edit their inventory on the site, and it is also possible to import from CSV file and export to CSV file. We also provide formatting services.

MNSEO function

A function to ensure that electronic parts and semiconductors registered as inventory appear as the top results on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! when somebody searches for that model number.

SEO measures

The platform website has been simplified to improve loading speed and so as to be easily read by search engines such as Google and Yahoo! The website also uses SSL.

Smartphone compatibility

The website adopts a responsive design compatible with smartphones and tablet devices, so the screen is easy to navigate on each device, including PCs.


We serve as an intermediary between buyer users and supplier users and follow up on any troubles to facilitate the establishment of transactions, etc.

Global expansion

The creation of the English version of this website facilitates international transactions in addition to transactions between Japanese suppliers and buyers.

Minimal commission

We focus on “supplier first” sales, so our commission is 5-10% of the quoted price.

New functions

As we continue to operate, we will analyze the database and introduce new functions and content that are beneficial to users.

Formulate a strategy and expand globally!
How to register as a company who wants to buy or sell!

Companies who want to sell!

DEVICE PARTNERS - REAL TIME SEARCH SERVICE PLATFORM - is a database where you can register your surplus and slow-moving inventory of products such as electronic parts and semiconductors. We sell the inventory you have registered to other businesses who need it. We will handle matters such as inquiries and quotations, so you can get rid of your surplus and slow-moving inventory without any time and effort on your part.

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Easy inventory search

No registration fee!

Purchase procurement parts

Companies who want to buy!

DEVICE PARTNERS - REAL TIME SEARCH SERVICE PLATFORM - is a database where you can search the model number of the electronic part or semiconductor you need. We provide support throughout the entire process, from requesting a quotation from the seller to purchase, based on our inventory lists, making it easy for you to get the electronic parts and semiconductors you need. If your search for a particular model does not return any inventory information, we will leverage our own network to get a quotation for you.

Easy login

Easy inventory registration

No registration fee!

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