Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter, “this Privacy Policy”) describes the basic policy that service owner DEVICE PARTNERS CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “the Company”) adheres to when handling the personal information or information corresponding to personal information of account users (buyer users and supplier users) (hereinafter, “Users”) in the various services provided by the Company (provision of information by the Company, handling of various inquiries, etc.) The Company has established the following basic policy and will endeavor to ensure all employees are fully aware of this policy and comply therewith to facilitate the Company's provision of safe, secure and reliable services.

1. Basic policy

The Company recognizes the importance of personal information and considers the protection of personal information to be its social responsibility, and will acquire, use and manage personal information appropriately in compliance with laws and ordinances relating to the protection of personal information. Information collected by the Company will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.

2. Scope of application

This Privacy Policy is applicable only to this website.

3. Acquisition and purpose of use of personal information

The items of personal information that the Company will acquire from Users, the purpose of use of personal information and the retention period, etc. are as follows:

  • 3-1. The Company will acquire the personal information of Users through “Account user registration”, “Requests for quotation” and “Contact”.

This website contains forms for “Contact”, “User information registration” and “Requests for quotations”. The information that Users submit through these forms will be handled as personal information.

  • 3-1-1. Purpose of use

The Company stores the information entered by Users in order to improve the quality of our service. By storing such content, we are able to respond based on past content, and to respond more accurately.

  • 3-1-2. Retention period

The Company will retain personal information submitted through forms for a period of 3 years.

  • 3-1-3. Consent to the acquisition of personal information

The Company encourages Users to read this Privacy Policy before sending any information through forms.The User agrees to this Privacy Policy by submitting information though a form.

  • 3-2. Acquisition of personal information using cookies

The Company may send cookies to Users' computers.Cookies are a mechanism to save the usage history, input contents, etc. sent and received between the browser and the server when using the website as a file on the User's computer.

  • 3-2-1. Purpose of use of cookies

The Company uses cookies for the convenience of Users when viewing this website.For example, the next time a user visits a webpage that they have previously visited, the operator of the website can, using cookies, customize the display of that webpage for that individual user. For instance, have you ever visited a website that required you to enter your login password the first time, but then you were subsequently able to access the website without re-entering your login password? That is thanks to cookies. If a user allows the sending and receiving of cookies in their browser settings, the website can obtain the cookie key from the user's browser. To protect privacy, users' browsers only send cookies sent and received by the website's server.

  • 3-2-2. Cookie retention period

Cookies for comments left on this website are retained for a period of 1 year.

  • 3-2-3. Third-party acquisition of cookie information

The Company may post advertisements delivered by third parties such as Google Japan and Yahoo Japan Corporation, etc., and such third parties may acquire and use Users' cookie information, etc. in connection with this.Cookie information, etc. acquired by a third party will be handled in accordance with that third party's privacy policy.

  • 3-2-4. Allowing and blocking cookies

Users can configure settings for sending and receiving cookies from “Allow all cookies”, “Block all cookies”, “Notify user when cookies are received”, etc. How to configure cookie settings differs depending on the browser, so please refer to your browser's “help” menu for further details.If you configure your browser to block all cookies, you may be restricted in using various services on the Internet, such as being unable to receive services that require user authentication.

4. Management of personal information

The Company will carefully manage the information provided by Users in accordance with the following.

  • 4-1. Ensuring the accuracy of information

The Company will endeavor to ensure that the information provided by Users is always accurate and up to date.

  • 4-2. Security control measures

The Company will implement appropriate security measures to protect personal information in order to prevent leakage, loss and damage.

  • 4-3. Disposal of personal information

The Company will promptly dispose of personal information that it no longer requires.

  • 4-4. Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion and cessation of use of personal information

The Company will promptly respond to requests from Users to disclose, correct, make additions to, delete, or cease using their personal information after verifying the identity of the User.
Please contact the Company via the contact form if you wish to make such a request.

5. Provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will not provide personal information provided by Users to third parties without the consent of the User. If we decide to provide the personal information of a User to a third party in the future, we will inform the User of the items of information to be disclosed and the purpose of provision, etc. and provide the information to the third party only with the consent of the User.

6. Personal information of minors

Minors must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian to post a comment to the Company or make an inquiry via the contact form. The Company shall regard the parent or guardian of any minor who has posted a comment or made an inquiry as having agreed to this Privacy Policy.

7. Inquiries

Please direct any inquiries to the Company concerning the handling of personal information via the contact form on this website.

8. Revision to this Privacy Policy

The Company will comply with Japanese laws and ordinances applicable to personal information, and will review and improve the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest version of the Privacy Policy will always be posted on this page.

Revised December 1, 2022


Representative director Naoki Izumizaki